Becoming Rome: Foundation, Republic, and Empire in the Words of Eminent Romans by William Dardis and Tom Cox

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The name “Rome” brings to mind an array of images: a Senate, an empire, an army, the Vatican and Capitoline hills, the seat of Christianity, and marvels of engineering and architecture. Becoming Rome is an ideal weaving together of an exciting historical narrative with eyewitness accounts from the Romans themselves. Enjoy Rome as they did, with over 200 images, 30 maps, and summary diagrams that enable even a beginner to thoroughly appreciate how the Romans have helped us to become more civilized, and what led them at times to be uncivilized. 

The authors are dedicated Classicists who have spent years adapting and refining their presentation in the classroom, to make the key ideas, events, and heroes of Rome enjoyable and challenging for readers in high school and above. Anyone interested in the origins of Rome will find Becoming Rome delightful leisure reading. Each chapter concludes with a summary of the key people and events, topics for classroom seminars, and additional reading. 

Available in hardcover and paperback